Thursday, September 7, 2017

51 Years of Learning

On last year's birthday - the big five zero - my dad asked me what I had learned in my 50 years. Here's a link to that post: 50 Years

So this year, Dad asked the same question: What have I learned in my 51 years?

Last year's list is still applicable, and I've added two more important ideas. And by important, I mean important to me. Here's the current list:

1. Be genuine
2. Express gratitude
3. Be kind
4. Do good things
5. Be humble

When I gave the list my mom asked, "What about being content?" It was a fair question; I wrote a book about being content. And I think that if I can do these five things, contentment will be much easier to choose. It seems like a natural outcome of focusing on the five important ideas.

I started to write explanations of each idea, but I've decided that explaining each idea would complicate them. They speak for themselves. I'll let you interpret them and decide if these ideas might be important in your life.
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