Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Hablo un poquito de español

I started learning Spanish back in 8th grade - got kicked out of class for making the teacher cry (yes, I'm embarrassed) and gave up learning another language.

When I was working in Wendell as a school counselor I started learning again. We had a high Latino population so I had a lot of people wiling to help me learn the language: students, families, staff. I even spent a month in Mexico in a Spanish immersion program. And I learned a lot in that month. But when I got home, I didn't spend enough time practicing and I lost much of what I had learned.

Now, I'm learning again, using the Pimsleur approach. I listen to 30 minute lessons. There's a narrator, a Spanish speaking man and a Spanish speaking woman. They talk, I repeat. Today I listened to leccion veintisiete (Lesson 27). I'm learning a lot.

Even so, I'm still not confident enough to actually speak Spanish with someone who's first language is Spanish. There are several people at the rec center who have noticed that I'm learning Spanish, and they've offered to talk with en español anytime. I've said a few sentences, but haven't yet a real conversation. Someday I will

I like the challenge of learning a new language, even if it's taking me a long time.
Yo aprendo despacio. The lessons are designed to be listened to every day, one per day. I listen as I'm walking and I listen to each lesson four times. And today's lesson, which has been difficult for me to really get, I've already listened four times and I'll probably review it once or twice tomorrow. I'm hoping that at some point I'll be able to think in Spanish instead of translating back and forth.

Next time you see me, if you know Spanish, speak to me in Spanish. Just be patient with how long it takes me to translate and respond.
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