Saturday, December 31, 2016

No Resolutions

I don't make New Year's Resolutions; I stopped years ago. They seem so arbitrary and irrelevant and too easy to break. Instead, I make goals for the year. Some could argue that's just semantics, but it feels like a big difference to me.

For 2016 I made three goals.
One goal I met.
The second goal I think I met.
The third goal - I wasn't even close.

2016 Goal #1: Walk 1000 miles

I met this goal. As of today, I walked 1091.46 miles this year. For someone with my physical challenges, that feels really good. To be honest, I wasn't sure I could walk that far. But it was a good place to start. Since I met the goal, it needs to increase.

2016 Goal #2: Exercise 260+ days

I think I met this. I've discovered that it's more difficult to track than I thought. Most days I went to the rec center and exercised (walked the track) and those days are pretty easy to count. But some days my exercise was mowing the lawn, or raking leaves, or shoveling snow. For most people that might not seem like much exercise, but for me - on some days - that was as much as I could do. So I think I met it, but I'm not sure. I don't think I need this as a goal. If I'm meeting the walking goal of 100 miles per month, I'll be exercising often (nearly every day). So I don't think I need to track the number of exercising days.

2016 Goal #3: Read 52 Books/Journals

I know I didn't meet this goal. I spent too much time watching TV, or surfing online, instead of reading. Even so, a book a week is a bit ambitious. So for next year I'll be keeping the goal and changing the target. I think a book or professional journal every two weeks is realistic and challenging. And completing the goal will certainly help me professionally.

So there are two goals for 2017. They are not resolutions. They will be the result of daily choices, making healthy decisions every day.

2017 Goal #1: Walk 1200 miles
2017 Goal #2: Read 26 Book/Journals

This year, according to fitbit, in addition to the 1091 miles:
I took 2.3 million steps, and climbed 2329 floors!

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