Monday, October 10, 2016

Kelby Worldwide 2016, Night Walk

After starting the day with a photo walk, I figured I might as well end the day with another. Our leader for the night walk would be Paul Pulley, who has been leading photo walks in Boise longer than there has been a Kelby Worldwide Photowalk! We started at Chicago Connection for some dinner, then began our wander through downtown Boise.

The night group ended up being about 20 people. Here's Paul giving us some instruction for the evening.

I'm not sure where the rest of the group actually went because I broke off from the group in the first few minutes. Not that I don't like groups - I just like architecture, at night, and the group was heading away from this first building. I assume this is the old Ada County Courthouse. I like the symmetry of the location.

The State Capitol is always beautiful to me. I've shot it so many times from so many different angles, and yet it seems there's always a new perspective to find.

Once again, my eye was drawn to the symmetry of the scene. And processing the image in monochrome takes away the distracting color elements allowing the lines and shapes to be the stars.

This image is created completely in camera. This is NOT a photoshop technique. I have some filters I bought several years ago and I've rarely used them. I figured a night shoot in Boise, with all the city lights, would be an ideal opportunity to try some new toys.

I'm amazed at the number of different colors. When I think of the capitol building, in my mind it's one color. But it's a bouquet of light.

The Hoff Building is one of my favorite photographic targets.

No evening in Boise would be complete without some long exposure and some street photography. So I figured I'd combine both into one image.

Thank you Paul for another fun adventure.

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