Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Kelby Worldwide 2016, Early Morning Walk Part 2

For the second part of my morning, I wandered downtown, alone. Jim had other places to be - I think photographing his soccer-playing grandkids. That's a pretty good reason to leave.

This is my favorite building in Boise. I'm sure it has a name, but I don't know what it is. I just know I like the lines, the angles, the glass and reflections, the pattern and repetition, the symmetry and the regularly occurring asymmetry. Put all that against a backdrop of early morning clouds and it's the perfect scene for me.

I certainly like the symmetry of the building, but I also like the randomness of nature's design. I like the added element of the trees at the base of the image - tall, medium and short. And they seem to be in progressive stages of autumn. The left tree is mostly still green, while the right tree is mostly red/orange. And the middle tree is a nice mix of both. I thought about removing the box at the very bottom, thought for a long time, but decided I like it. It's completely out of place in the frame, which sometimes means it belongs.

I used to work at the Statehouse Inn, which is now Hotel 43. I was the airport shuttle driver and set up meeting/banquet rooms when I wasn't driving. These windows are above the entrance to the hotel. The interior lights are so artistic and organic. And the reflection of the sunrise clouds in the upper windows just adds to the artistry.

I hadn't planned it, but this photo walk became about symmetry. I started seeing it everywhere. And while symmetry is so pleasing to my eye, it becomes a stronger characteristic when there is a small element of asymmetry included, like a sign or a tree.

This last image is intended to look horizontal, like you should be walking on it toward the clouds. Of course in reality it's a vertical space. It's fun to find new perspectives.

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