Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Kelby Worldwide 2016, Early Morning Walk Part 1

This year I participated in two photowalks for the Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk 2016. The first was an early morning walk in downtown Boise led by Kathy Hopkins. We met near Julia Davis Park, then wandered around for a while.

While I always know I'll find something, and sometimes I have a preconceived vision of what I'd like to shoot, sometimes I have no idea what there will be to photograph. This was one of those days.

Although we started with the group, Jim Peterson and I decided to make our own path and headed into town. While waiting for him to change a lens, I found this glass brick wall. As you may know, I like details and this seemed like an interesting, abstract-ish detail - just the kind of thing I like.

I've driven past the Ada County Courthouse more times than I can count, and I've always thought about photographing it because it's a beautiful building. But I've never stopped or made a trip to do just that. So this morning, realizing how close we were, I suggested we start there. I'm so glad we did. I love architecture.

The sky was so full of texture and wonder as the sun started to rise. I think it makes the perfect contrast for the hard lines of the building.

Having never stopped here before, I didn't realize there was a waterfall in front of the courthouse. It offered the perfect subject for long exposure.

The newly fallen autumn leaves created a wonderful swirl to balance the hard edges of the fountain steps.

I like architecture because it can become abstracted so easily. The lines and patterns are uniform and stationary, and yet quite energetic.

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