Monday, July 18, 2016

Palouse 2016, Part 9

At the end of the day, after wandering around and exploring, we found this wonderfully aged barn. It seems clear it's no longer in use, but it's still in great condition. It almost looks like someone strategically removed certain boards, and left others to give it that perfect aged/abandoned barn look.

And once again, I can't decide whether I prefer the monochrome or the color.

I do like this closer version. From this tighter perspective the power poles on the horizon add an extra detail. I also like the power pole along the right edge, although I'm not exactly sure why I like that small detail. Maybe because it balances the other two and creates a nice trio of vertical elements.

Sometimes it's better to focus on something close and let the barn be a little blurry in the background.

Another example of monochrome vs. color conflict. I keep thinking that if I look long enough, and study the two images enough times, one will stand out. It hasn't yet happened.

Blurry barn equals good barn.

You might remember I rented a 100-400 lens for this trip. This tiny little bird dropped by for a few minutes, posed for a few portraits, then zoomed along her/his merry way. At nearly 400mm, this turned out alright, especially for someone who is definitely not a birder.

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