Monday, July 18, 2016

Palouse 2016, Part 8

While we were in the lobby of the hotel, deciding where to go next, a professional photographer sat down to talk - because that's what photographers do. We talk and share stories, ideas, favorite spots, what we like to shoot, what we like to shoot with, etc.

Adam Jones brought out a map and showed us several of his favorite spots, including an old Texaco gas station. The building and property are still in great condition because they are well cared for by the property owner. Adam also told us, "Stay away from the house. Definitely don't knock to ask permission. Just shoot the gas station and the old trucks, and stay away from the shop and house."

So that's what we did.

Most of the time when I'm processing images, and sometimes before I even press the shutter, I know if an image should be in color or monochrome. And sometimes a scene looks good in both, with each treatment offering a slightly different feel and perspective. And sometimes, I can't decide which looks better. These first two images fall into that last category. I like the "old" feel of the monochrome version. I tried to process it to make it look like the image had been taking in the early part of last century. But I also like the color version. The red details really pop, especially against the green roof and trees.

This really is a beautiful site. Even as I was there, I kept expecting a man in a white suit with a blue hat to come out of the building and start washing my windshield, checking my oil, and of course filling the gas tank.

It also made me want to buy a nickel bottle of Coca-Cola.

Behind the gas station is this beautiful line of old trucks. Shooting a panorama of the scene created a curve that adds an element of energy to an otherwise static scene.

This last shot focuses on the little shack. I don't know if this was a real building serving a real purpose back in the day, or if it was created just for this purpose. Either way, it makes a great point of interest.

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