Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Palouse 2016, Part 6

After a great day traveling the back roads of the Palouse, we finished the day at the famous cottonwood tree on the east side of Steptoe Butte. The sunset could not have been more perfect. Clear skies with a few random clouds lazily floating through created the perfect setting for a lone tree.

At almost every location I shoot, when I find a great subject I like to shoot multiple compositions. Knowing that I will never be here again, with conditions just like this, I want to maximize my potential successes. These first two images are an example of that process. I like both and can't decide if the image is better with the sun in the shot or out of the shot. They both have their strengths and I like both compositions equally. I think the sun with the rays extending down adds an element of balance and interest.

Being a minimalist at heart and in lifestyle, that tendency influences my photography. Standing on the field road behind this tree, I found this grain poking their heads above the horizon. The simple silhouette speaks to the calm center of me.

And with a great tree, and beautiful grain - why not incorporate both in one image. There's a lot going on here: tree, grain, clouds, sun, highlights, shadows - and yet, it all seems to work together for me, to create a whole that is better than the sum of its parts.

After the sun went down, all that was left was the silhouette. 
So beautiful.

When the light is good, turn around and look the other way also. So despite the gorgeous sunset, I turned around to see what was behind me. This was behind me. And yes, this is what it looked like. The pink clouds and green fields work so well together.

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