Monday, July 18, 2016

Palouse 2016, Part 11

After my Palouse adventure, I went further north to Badger Lake, where my aunt, uncle, and cousins live, own and manage a manufactured housing development on the lake. It's a beautiful setting. But I digress ...

On the way north I stopped in the town of Steptoe, just west of Steptoe Butte. (I wonder which was named first?) This beautiful church is located among the trees of the town. Full disclosure: this image has quite a bit of Photoshop work to clone out all the distracting buildings among the trees.

And just down the road a ways, down yonder as the crow flies, over that there next hill ... I found this checkerboard-roofed shed. 

One more example of monochrome vs. color. I think each image has it's strength. In the color version, the yellow of the field really complements the red of the barn. But in the monochrome version, the textures really stand out.

I'm not sure I've ever taken a long-road-fading-into-the-distance photo. I guess I can check that off my photographic bucket list. I almost didn't stop here, but I'm glad I did. The height of the hill I was on and gentle hills created a wonderful opportunity.

I wasn't close, but this stallion made sure I knew who was in charge. He kept his eye on me the whole time I was there.

Although I didn't move for nearly 20 minutes, at some point the whole herd of maybe 20 horses just decided it was time to run. It seemed like they all ran at the exact same time.

I'm not a birder, or a wildlife photographer, which just means I don't go out to find opportunities like this. But these osprey were great models. And they've also bought into "reduce, reuse, recycle." They've used anything available to build their house.

Next chapter: The best of the trip.

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