Monday, July 18, 2016

Palouse 2016, Part 10

I promise I'm almost to the end of this trip. I think there will be twelve parts when I'm done, with the final chapter being the images I consider the very best of the trip.

The last morning in Palouse, we went back to the cottonwood west of Steptoe Butte. And on this morning we were the only two people there. It was really nice to have room to breathe and room around, and time to try a number of different compositions without worrying about getting people in the frame.

The road/trail through the middle of the field created a wonderful opportunity to see the whole stalk of grain (wheat or barley - I'm not sure). It looks like a wall of wheat (or barley, someone please let me know). I'm trying to decide if I print this on canvas, or metal, or a regular print.

Trails through fields - beautiful lines and curves.

Not a lone tree, but maybe two is better than one.

Right before we left I walked up closer to the tree and found this composition. I love the way the cattails create a diagonal path to the tree. 

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