Thursday, June 30, 2016

Palouse 2016, Part 3

After a morning at the western cottonwood, we moved to a stand of pine trees. I like trees in the middle of fields. Like the cottonwood, these trees create such a beautiful contrast with the smooth undulations of the surrounding fields. They stand like sentinels, guarding the new grains.

Fortunately, we had some wonderful skies at this site. And although I liked the site, I'm not sure I did it justice. I kept trying to find the right balance, so I shot a lot of different compositions.

This first image is an eight shot panorama, and I think it is the most successful composition. However, it has a serious issue that I haven't yet been able to solve. Because the clouds were moving so quickly, the sections of panorama don't quite fit together. Some of the highlights especially are obviously misaligned. I'm trying to fix those imperfections in Photoshop, but my skills are lacking. Even so I'm going to keep working on it because I think the image is worthwhile.

The composition of this is perfect - for my eye. The small strip of green along the bottom adds a necessary anchor and counterpoint for the beautifully active skies. And I'm especially drawn to the placement of the trees. They are almost centered but not quite.

Because the skies were so energetic, I wondered if I could highlight that characteristic by creating a silhouette. While I think it's interesting, I'm still undecided about how successful it really is.

This composition captures the scene as I remember it: flashes of light moving across the landscape, trees standing tall and proud, wonderful clouds over the scene. And I really like the contrast in this image of the cool blue sky and the green fields.

Because the clouds were so artistic, I took a lot of photos highlighting that element. This is another image that's almost successful - but it's missing something. It's good but not great. However, I think examining the near misses is good for my photography. Identifying why certain images almost work helps improve my skills and hopefully translates to better images in the future.

I'd be interested in what you think of the above images.

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