Monday, June 27, 2016

Palouse 2016, Part 2

Tuesday morning of our trip was supposed to start before dawn, meeting at 4am so we could make a sunrise shoot. But the weather didn't cooperate so we had a later start. I enjoyed the extra time to sleep in.

We started the day at a famous cottonwood tree west of Steptoe Butte. I don't know if the tree (or the other famous cottonwood) has a name, but it should. When we got there, nearly 20 of us, there was another group already there. Shooting with more than 30 other photographers is interesting, but not the best way to shoot. I know I felt crowded. Even so I think I got a few winners.

There are endless ways to shoot a tree in a field; there's always another angle. However, I don't think my creativity was working at full capacity. It could have been the crowded feeling of being around too many other people, or could have just been my issue.

I like this first one because it captures small glimpse of how expansive the space is. The Palouse is 4000 square miles, which means the beautiful blue skies are endless.

I think this composition is stronger. It contrasts the stormy skies left over from the morning with the blue skies that were creeping in. I also like that I can't see the base of the tree here. It's literally in the middle of the fields of grain - part of the field and yet also standing alone.

The morning's wind was brutal. I took dozens and dozens of photos trying to capture the motion of the crop. It turned out to be much more difficult than I expected. But I like this result. There's motion but there's also some clarity.

I think this image is the best from this particular site. I used Fuji's in-camera double exposure, just as an experiment. And I really like the result.

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