Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Creativity Runs in the Family

It seems that everyone in my family is artistic.
Dad's creativity was from the pulpit, bringing the Bible to life.
Mom's gifts are writing, calligraphy and speaking.
My sister, Susan's gift is singing.
My brother-in-law, Steve expresses his art through design.
My niece, Janae is a singer.

My nephew, Braeden is a ceramic artist. He calls himself a potter, but I can see the artistry in his work. He hasn't been throwing for very long (I have no idea if 'throwing' is a ceramics thing or not, but it sound like it should be). Even so, his skill is obvious and growing daily. Today, I got to be involved with his creative side by taking photos of a few of his pieces.

These pieces are not for sale, but if you're interested in his art, I'm sure he'd be happy to work with you. If you want to see more, check out his instagram page. 

Now I just need to get some photos of my niece, while she's performing.

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