Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Black Magic Canyon - Return Trip

I think Black Magic Canyon is one of those places I could photograph every day, for years and years, and never run out of new things to find. Dan Mottaz and I went down shortly after my solo trip. It was a good day shooting. Even though I'd been in these sections of canyon before, the light this time was different, the shadows and highlights different, the textures different and the results different. And I think this set of images is better than the previous ones I've taken there.

Clearly I prefer monochrome images for the BMC textures and shapes. However, sometimes the colors are so intriguing, the result just has to be in color. I like this first one for the contrast between the cool blue background and the warm coppery foreground. There are some forms in the canyon that are sharp, pointed, almost knife-edge like. But there are also these smooth, curved forms that are so organic.

I'm not sure how this image came out so golden, but I love the result. It must have been a combination of the light we had and the reflecting light off the canyon floor. This one took very little post processing.

There are several things I like about this one.
1. It's a small detail. Even I, who spends too much time looking for small details, almost overlooked it.
2. The color/warmth contrast between the blue and gold.
3. The diagonal line that creates energy from a subject that is decidedly not energetic.

Back to the monochrome. The lines and shapes are what always draw my attention.

Yes, I placed (and balanced) that rock there.

And this one too

 Two views of the same formation, each with slightly different perspective, and different feel.

These last two I had printed and are now hanging on my walls. The final image might be my favorite of the day. Of course that could change tomorrow - such are the tastes of an artist.

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