Saturday, March 7, 2015

Black Magic Canyon 2015, Part 1

It's been four months (give or take a few days) since my last post. Mom asked me tonight, "Why haven't you written anything?"
"I haven't had anything to say," I responded.
"I knew you'd say that."

But it's true. I'd love to think that I could have profound, important, or even interesting things to blog about every day. Truth is, I go long periods without a single important though running through my head, and with a blank mind, the blog remains blank too.

Plus, in my old age, I've become a fair weather photographer, so there's been nothing new coming out of my camera. But the weather here has been so nice recently. It's been warm enough for me to come out of winter hibernation. Yesterday I drove down to Black Magic Canyon, north of Shoshone. I've visited and shot the canyon one other time, near the south diversion dam. This time I went to the north diversion dam, just off Highway 75 - and I found some beautiful patterns, textures, shadows and formations. While I was shooting I hoped I was getting something useful. It'd be a shame to drive all that way and have nothing to show for the effort. On the camera's display, the images looked good - interesting. But I never really know until I get them back on the computer, on a big screen. Turns out I was able to capture some exciting images. I think they turned out great.

So over the next few days I'll be posting a few series of images, each one following a (loose) theme. Hopefully you'll be able to see the commonalities in each series.

Most of what I took, I converted to monochrome. These are some of the color images. The first two are almost monochrome, but there's some subtle color there. I tried this first one in pure monochrome, but I don't think it worked as well. I like the little bit of blue tone that's hiding in the texture.

You'll get to see this image in monochrome later, and I think it works either way. This color version has some warmth to it, while the monochrome version really focuses on structure of the elements.

I took a lot of photos of this feature. I'd love to see it throughout the day, as the light changes angels and intensity. I'm sure it would create some wonderful light-play.

I'm still trying to put into words why I like this - can't do it yet. But I really like it. Maybe it's the play between the cool blues and the warm yellows, or maybe it's the depth. When I figure it out, I'll let you know.

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