Sunday, March 8, 2015

Black Magic Canyon 2015, Part 2

For this most recent trip to BMC (that's Black Magic Canyon BTW (that's By The Way)(I'm just trying to be hip and cool by abbreviating everything - is it working?)) ... I decided to focus on subtle textures, shadows and shapes. I didn't know that's what I'd be focusing on before I went down, but the particular section I explored was filled with subtlety. The light was at a great angle. I was there about two hours and during that time the light was dancing through the rock formations. I walked maybe 3/4 of a mile down the canyon, then turned around and came back and the trip out was so different than the trip in.

You'll notice this next image is the same feature as the previous, just composed a little differently. It was also in yesterday's post as a color image. I'm not sure which I like better, but I'm thinking this monochrome version has more impact.

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