Sunday, October 26, 2014

Leslie Gulch (and Succor Creek)

Yesterday I made my first trip to Leslie Gulch in eastern Oregon. It's not far from Nampa - less than two hours - and I know a lot of people who've gone. But for some reason, I've never made the trip out. Now I wonder why I waited so long. I'll definitely be going back. There are so many interesting and beautiful rock formations. I think it's one of those places that a person could photograph for a lifetime, especially when I consider the constantly changing light conditions.

A small group of us from the Boise Camera Club and Camera Club of Eagle made the trip. I went out early so I could also go to Succor Creek, which is equally beautiful. Next time it'll need to be a full day trip, with maybe a nap in the afternoon.

I'm still processing images. My workflow is sometimes really fast, but usually it takes a few weeks to really work through all the images. However, I thought I'd share what is currently my best of the day - more specifically, my best two shots of the day.

Early in the day, before about 3:00, the skies were blue with just a few puffy clouds. Then the wind started blowing and the clouds came in. For a time, there was no blue sky to be seen. But once in a while, the sky would open up a bit, creating some drama in the lighting.

Since it is autumn, I had to catch some fall colors. I really like the contrast here between the trees and the rock. The trees are soft, bright, moving (with all the wind). The rock is hard, darker and stationary. Put the two elements in the same landscape and they epitomize the beauty of nature. 

God has quite the artistic flair and I'm glad I can capture it to share with the world.

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