Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Day B&W Challenge, Day 5

For my last image I've chosen one I took on the World Wide Photowalk in downtown Nampa. Although I've lived in Nampa since 1985, and driven over the 16th Avenue overpass thousands of times (maybe more than 10,000), I've never once walked across it. I've thought about it - just never did it.

Well now I have. A small group of us went to the middle of the overpass (on the sidewalk, not in the middle of the road) to photograph the train tracks below. Lucky for us, a train came through while we were there.

I like several elements about this image.
1. I love the contrast between the tracks and the train. The tracks are obviously stationary, which contrasts the movement of the train, but the difference goes deeper than that. Trains can't move without tracks. Theirs is a symbiotic relationship. Tracks without trains are just wood and metal on the ground, without purpose.

But tracks that are regularly used - as opposed to abandoned tracks - epitomize potential. They lay on the ground waiting for their purpose to be fulfilled. Touching tracks can reveal the presence of a train long before it can be seen - the train's vibrations moving through the track, foreshadowing the coming explosion of motion.

(Just a disclaimer - being on train tracks is trespassing and I'm not suggesting you do that."

The contrast continues with the presence of each. Tracks are always there; trains are there for only a few moments. Unless I'm in my car waiting for the train to pass through the railroad crossing - then the train is there for an eternity.

I think it's an interesting dichotomy, trains and tracks.

2. I like how smooth the train looks, because of the blurring, as opposed to the rough grittiness of the gravel.

3. I debated whether or not to remove the elements in the upper right corner: the small section of another track and the signal. I also debated whether or not to remove the trash between the empty track and the train. Obviously, I decided to leave them all for this image. They were part of the original scene and I don't find them distracting. I find them interesting.

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