Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Day B&W Challenge, Day 4

It's getting close to tomorrow, and since I'm a day behind I'm posting the next day of my B&W challenge.

5 Day B&W Challenge, Day 4

I sometimes think I spend too much time ignoring the complexity of scenes, instead looking for the simplicity. But sometimes, when I see details like this show up in front of my face ... well, then I'm happy that I naturally seek simplicity.

As I was shooting some planes, from a nearby airshow, that were circling over my house, this beautiful little cloud floated overhead. When I saw the cloud greet the tree, I knew I had a moment of natural interaction.

I like the contrast between the dark tree and the light cloud. I like the rooted nature of the tree, which is only implied, but we know it's there because ... we know trees. Contrast that with the ephemeral, fleeting nature of the tree and the two opposites create a wonderful balance.

I also cropped the image so the tree could occupy the lower left, while the cloud occupies the upper right, another way to create balance within the image.

Lastly, I like the gradient of lightness at the bottom of the image, moving slowly to darker tones as my eye moves up.

I'm sure a lot of people will say, "This is just weird Chris. It's not a real photo." That's okay because I like it.

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