Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Day B&W Challenge, Day 2

Triangles can be powerful elements in photos. They create energy, they provide a sense of motion and they help direct that motion. Triangles can sometimes be implied, but in this image, they're right there for us to see. The diagonal lines create a series of repeating shapes. Starting in the upper left corner, there's a small black triangle. With each parallel line, the size of the triangle increases, until the triangle's flip direction on the opposite side of the road.

The other element I like here is the perspective provided by the people on the sidewalk. I think they demonstrate just how far above the street we (the viewers) are. I also like the small group, contrasted by the lone person. You can't tell with this image, but those four people are photographers. They were on the same field trip I was on (I was there as a chaperon). The lone person is shooting something across the street. I wonder what he's looking at?

Lastly, I like the absence of cars. If there was a car in the street, this image would have a different story. I'll let you decide how the story would be different, but I like the story that's told by the empty street.

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