Monday, September 22, 2014

MHAFB Air Show: The Skies

How does one maximize the success of shooting jets that are flying hundreds of miles per hour? I'm not exactly sure. I do know that after seeing images from the other photographers in the group, there are some shots that everyone seemed to get. It's a difficult task to find a new perspective on something (the Thunderbirds air show) that's been shot millions of times.

Like this first one: almost everyone who attended got this shot, and even though mine looks like theirs, I still like it.

I like this one because of the combination of blur and sharp; the plane on the left is blurry while the plane on the right is sharp. I was panning with the right plane, coming in at about 500 mph, and was able to time the image just right to catch them crossing.

Most contrails I see are perfectly straight, created by commercial jets flying overhead. The artistry of smoke trails created during maneuvers are so fun to me.

If you notice, in the lower right, there is a 6th member of the squad. He doesn't fly as fast, but he has excellent form.

Everything can't be blue!
The 6th member of this group was flying significantly higher than the rest.

I was able to snap a frame as they were flying overhead, between me and the sun.

This aerobatic pilot flew amazing maneuvers, creating dynamic shapes.

I think these last two are my favorites from the day, taken just seconds apart.

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