Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Dirty Dash, Part 2: The Clean Before the Storm

I know this will seem weird, because most of you got here by clicking on a link somewhere, but I'm going to give you another link to get to the pictures. I wasn't sure how to best provide access to several galleries, so I decided to create the galleries on my other website - - link to it from here, and include the story here on the blog.

The first gallery is the before pictures, while everyone was still clean. There were lots of tutus - men, women and children wearing them - lots of hog noses, makeup, costumes, hair coloring. It was a pretty festive atmosphere. Moving my camera around the crowd, I didn't find anyone reluctant to be photographed. Most people were happy to pose as soon as they knew I was aiming their direction.

Street photography isn't really my thing. I'm just not very good at it (in my opinion). But I think these turned out well. I like the developing story, the smiling faces, and various costumes.

Here's the gallery of images:
The Dirty Dash
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