Monday, August 25, 2014

NFC Community Event, Part 1

Saturday, Nampa First Church of the Nazarene hosted their annual community event. Last year I went for the first time, and got some great (in my mind) photos of the many cars there. This year I went back. Their car show has at least 200 cars; it's a big show with some great vehicles. Everything from early 20th century to the most modern sports cars.

Normally I'm pretty good at culling my photos - meaning I'm brutal in choosing only the best. Saturday I must have been on a roll. I have so many good photos from that day. So I'm going to divide the keepers into several blog posts. It would just be way too many for one post. Part 1 will be the people pics.

While I was there, I remembered how much fun I had photographing the people at the fair. Since this event was full of people, it was an opportunity for more people photos.

I was photographing the car in this photo when this cute girl and her brother (I'm assuming there) asked, "Are you going to take our picture?" After I had a few images of the hood, they were walking past me. "If you want your picture taken you can stand in front of the car." So they did. So cute and photogenic.

However, those two were not the only cute models that day. This girl was adorable, sweet and loved the attention she was getting.

They had lots of food booths; most of the same foods that had been available the Western Idaho Fair for the week. This guy knew I was taking his picture, so he kept eating. I love cooperative models.

NNU was also represented with their summer traveling groups.

And just behind the music stage was the bicycle course (there's probably a more accurate term for the jumps and ramps and stuff but I'm not cool enough to know what it is). The big ramp gave the riders some impressive height on their jumps.

Of course I ran into some friends. Nick, on the right, is the son of my friend Nicole. I swear that he's grown a foot taller in the last year.

These last three photos are from the climbing wall they had set up. I didn't see any adults on it - just kids. Some of the kids weren't too sure about going to the top, and others scrambled to the top like they were climbing stairs. This first kid was on her way back down.

In Part 2 of this series, I'll start showing the car pics. I'm trying to decide how best to present them. At the moment I'm thinking I'll divide them into themes: abstract, hood ornaments, head lights, grills, reflections ... I'm still working on the list.

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