Saturday, July 5, 2014

Boise Farmer's Market

This morning a group of us photographers gathered at the Boise Flying M Coffeehouse, prepared to shoot up the town - in a strictly photographic sense of course. After heading down the street, I realized my lack of creative energy this particular day. There were lots of potential subjects - people, products, pets - but I just couldn't find the motivation. I was having more fun just watching the people.

So here are the nine photos I did take.

Can't have bread, gluten and all, but this kind of bread is mmm, mmm good.

I'm not much of a street photographer, but this is pretty close.

I like patterns (the bricks) combined with randomness (the light and shadows).

Our fearless leader, Paul Pulley.

Brown-bag, just waiting for some lunch.

Succulents are varied, in tone and texture, which makes for great photos.

I considered cropping out the "Frozen Yogurt" sign in the background, but I think it adds an interesting element. Onions and frozen yogurt? Of course.

The day after Independence Day, what's more fitting than a fruit flag?