Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Palouse Trip: Part 7: Headed Home

This is the final post, and final leg, of my trip to the Palouse. It was a great trip, taught me some things about my photography and offered some wonderful photo ops. I'll definitely be back again.

This first photo is the trestle over Lawyer's Canyon. This panorama is a stitch of 11 images. 

Near Lawyer's Canyon is another trestle spanning Old Highway 95. I really like the small cloud in the middle of the frame.

I know this bridge has been photographed thousands of times, probably tens of thousands (or more?), but I've never photographed it. The sky this day was a wonderful mixture of fluffy clouds and brilliant blue.

This neat little pond is below White Bird Pass. There's a house/ranch really close to this so I bet there's been some swimming on hot summer days.

As a final note, let me clarify something I said in an earlier post. I stated that next time I come to the Palouse, I won't go back to Steptoe Butte. I didn't say why, and two people asked about that. The top of Steptoe Butte is pretty small, and I explored the entire 360°. I feel like I've seen all there is to see from there. I looked for details, had great light, and got the images I wanted. Plus, there is so much unexplored area around the Palouse - countless back roads that I didn't explore. Next time, I'll concentrate on ground level areas.

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