Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Palouse Trip: Part 6: North to Badger Lake

When I left Colfax, I headed north to Badger Lake, which is just south of Cheney, Washington, which is just south of Spokane. I've never been a GPS kind of guy. I'm pretty good at looking at a map in the morning, remembering my route, and getting to where I was going.

Years ago, when I was a volunteer for the Idaho Golf Association, I traveled with them to workshops on the Rules of Golf, in places none of us had ever been before. At the airport, they would hand me the keys to the rental car because I was the one who could get us to where we needed to go.

I took my dad's GPS on this trip to help me navigate the back roads around the Palouse area, which was really helpful. Before leaving Colfax, I used google maps to find my route, so I knew where I was going. Still, I used the GPS as a backup. That was a mistake. First, Garmin couldn't find Badger Lake, no matter what I entered. I tried cities, recreation, points of interest - nothing worked. So I scrolled through the map to find the lake. I told Garmin exactly where I wanted to go.

When I got to the first turnoff, Garmin didn't even flinch. She wanted me to keep going straight. I said, aloud, "No, I'm turning here." When I got to the next intersection, she told me to turn right. "No, I'm turning left here." Same thing at the next intersection. Badger Lake must be in a warp of some sort and invisible to GPS. Even so, I got there.

Along the way, some sites caught my attention. Since I had no time frame, and no agenda other than getting to Badger Lake, I stopped frequently along the way.

This abandoned house was almost completely obscured by the plants around it.

A barn detail, with the rolling hills behind.

I can't say why, but I love trees in the middle of a field.

You may be asking why I went to Badger Lake: I have family there. Uncle Terry and Aunt Wanda, Pete and Teri Jo, and their kids run Badger Lake Estates, a beautiful community right on the lake. Pete and Teri Jo live on the bluff above the lake, and the have a watch-rooster. He's mean, but only if you turn your back on him. Maybe I was just lucky, but Fuego was nice to me.

He's probably just protective of his girls. Isn't she pretty?

Teri Jo gets to collect eggs daily (or every other day). Some are white, some are brown, and this day, at least one was blue.

Pete is an air traffic controller in Spokane. We got a tour of the tower and facilities. The people who work there were so welcoming and so professional. After seeing what they do, and hearing what they do, I have a new respect for controllers. They have a really difficult, high stress job, but a beautiful setting in which to work.

Tomorrow: the trip home.

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