Monday, June 16, 2014

Palouse Trip: Part 5: Back to the Butte

My second night in Colfax, I decided to return to Steptoe Butte. Although the first night's storms created some interesting clouds and rainbows, I wanted to see the classic lighting, and the setting sun creating ever-changing patterns across the landscape.

The skies were brilliant blue with white fluffy clouds. But as I drove to the top of the butte, the skies were not my focus. Looking up from one of the lower roads, I noticed a flutter of orange. "I wonder what that is?" When I reached the lower parking lot, I discovered a paraglider had just taken off.

He maintained a consistent altitude, slowly moving back and forth for probably 20 minutes or more, just above the parking lot.

As he descended, the perspective changed. Instead of a blue background, he was floating in front of the soft, green landscape.

Once he landed, I was able to focus my attention (and camera) on the surrounding hills, looking for details here and there. I wanted to find sections of area that were changing with the light.

I came back to this area often - the contrast of the straight fence lines and the curvy hills is so beautiful.

I think this is the town of Steptoe. Such a setting for life!

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