Saturday, June 14, 2014

Palouse Trip: Part 4: Palouse Falls

Although it was 90 minutes from Colfax, I needed to make a trip out to Palouse Falls, which isn't named for the area but for the river. I'm glad I went, but like I heard another photographer say, it's a one-and-done trip. Now that I've been, I probably won't be back. It'd be great to get some pics from the bottom of the falls, but there's no way I could make the hike down. And if I actually did make it down, I'd never make it back up.

I think this rock formation is the most interesting part of the park. Yes, I shot the water fall too, but like I said, I'm a sucker for details and this detail is gorgeous.

One of the benefits of being there during the middle of the day: rainbows.

I don't know what they're called in Washington, but here in Idaho we call them rock chucks. This one was just curious enough to pose for a portrait.

I like this perspective of my favorite rock detail because it turns the whole scene into a 2-D painting. Yes, photography is by nature turning a 3-D scene into a 2-D image, but the distance and the focal length of the lens compress these elements, making it look flat. The canyon wall is several hundred feet behind the rock outcropping.

Here's a final panorama of the area.

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