Friday, June 13, 2014

Palouse Trip: Part 3: Backroads

The first morning in Colfax, I decided to tour around the country, using the many back roads. I discovered one unfortunate thing: Kamiak Butte County Park is closed until 7:00am. I wanted to capture some sunrise vistas, but those would have been long gone by 7. I should have checked first; Live and learn. But that gave me some extra time to wander.

I experimented with some panoramas. There's not much to this first scene and at first glance it doesn't seem suitable for a panorama. I sometimes look at it and think, "This isn't anything. What were you looking at?" But I really like the scene. I like the open space, the sparse trees and decaying buildings.

There was no fence here, so I could have walked down into the property. But I don't trust my arthritic knees and ankles to walk through a field of knee-deep grass.

I like details, small scenes hidden in the larger context.

And I like reflections.

Hidden elements are fun too. Look closely for the two surprises than I didn't notice when I first saw this building.

I got too close.

Lines and tones. Abstract elements appeal to my eye.

Serendipity in the form of a crop duster.

This is what Steptoe Butte looks like from the lowland.

When I saw this field detail, I pulled over as quickly as I could, which was quite the trick because I was being closely followed by a large farm vehicle. He wasn't happy I stopped in the middle of the road.

Barns - everywhere there are barns, and I love them all.

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