Saturday, March 29, 2014

Wrestling with Recognition, Part 2

In my last post I talked about my internal debate. In that post I say, "I rarely post photos online anymore. I'm not exactly sure why, but it's part of this struggle for recognition."

I'm on google+. Although I've downsized and simplified my online presence (like I'm doing in the rest of my life), I've maintained my account there because of the photography. There are some great photographers, and by some I mean hordes, a plethora, multitudes, etc.

When the camera was first invented, there was one photographer in the world. He was the best photographer. When people saw his photographs they were amazed.  As the number of cameras grew, the number of photographers grew, and the number of really talented photographers grew at a slower rate. As soon as there was more than one photographer, there were also "good" photographers and "less-good" photographers. When I was in high school, and discovered photography, there were some really talented photographers. Some famous, some local, some international - and most were relatively unknown. The internet didn't exist so there wasn't an easy way for photographers to show their work to the world.

Now however, cameras are ubiquitous (I really like that word). There are literally millions of photographers, hundreds of millions of photographers. Just on Facebook, more than 350 million photos are uploaded every single day!

Assuming a low percentage of great photographs - like 1/10 of 1% - that means there are 350,000 great photographs uploaded every 24 hours. Just this year then, more than 3 million great photographs have uploaded, just on FB.

No matter how good I think my images are, why would I think they would stand out in that group. 350,000 per day and I'm happy with 1 great photograph per month. Even my very best images will get lost in the flood of images. So rather than share them, I tend to hide them. I don't need to add to the flood. It just doesn't seem worthwhile.

Scrolling through google+ there are so many really cool images. How many am I missing because that person isn't in my circles, or because they posted when I wasn't online, or because I was just scrolling too fast? Probably most of them.

It's a difficult dilemma for me, one I don't anticipate solving any time soon.
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