Saturday, November 30, 2013

Simplify This!

As you may know, especially if you've read my book or been following this blog, I've been simplifying my life for years now. Eliminating clutter and unnecessary possessions was just the beginning. Eventually the process evolved into simplifying other areas of my life by carefully and intentionally choosing those activities that add to my life, and eliminating those activities which distract from my life. And for the most part, I've been successful in both areas.

But I've noticed my online footprint has become increasingly complicated. Rather than simplifying my online presence, I'm continually adding new accounts. "Ooooh, this looks fun. I think I'll create an account, spend hours customizing my profile, add pictures, import information - then I'll share it with all my friends and other social networks!!!"

The whole thing has become cumbersome and intrusive, takes too much time, and has complicated my life too much. So, I've decided to spend some time eliminating the virtual clutter. I've already eliminated a few accounts. You might notice which ones are gone, but chances are, nobody will notice. That's a clear indication to me that those accounts were completely unnecessary.

I've been scrutinizing my online activity and the programs on my personal computer too. Just like in real life, I'm looking for things I don't use on a regular basis. Or even things that I do use, but don't really need to use - like games that are just time wasters. I have too many of those. Well, I HAD too many of those.

If you see less of me (virtually), now you'll know why.

I am working on a plan, a strategy.

I'll keep this blog. I like having a place to record my thoughts. If other people read it, that's great. But if I'm the only one (other than my parents who always read my new posts), that's okay too.

I'll keep my photography website. My friends and family like to see my photos. And I don't want to share them on Facebook; the tend to take possession of anything posted on their site and I don't want to risk them taking ownership of my images.

I'll keep my flickr page, but that's really just a place to backup my photos. If my computer dies, I don't want to lose all my images. And before you ask, yes I do have other backups.

I'll keep my facebook page, because that's how I connect with a lot of family and friends.

And I'll keep my google+ page, because that's how I connect with photographers around the world. Photography is so important to me. In fact, it's becoming more and more important. It's my creative outlet and I need that form of expression.

The rest were just distractions or time wasters. And they are disappearing.

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