Sunday, February 24, 2013

And Implications Go To ...

"Since I don't know [who I am], maybe I'm trying to discover and express my identity through my photography. If that's true, there are implications about the nature of my photography and the direction of my creativity. But those things will have to wait for another day."

There are two ways to approach the issue.
1. I can look at my photography and infer my identity from the images.
2. I can look at my life and see which aspects show up in the images.

I'm not sure which of these approaches are the best, or most accurate, or which will yield true answers. So I guess I should try both methods.

Looking at my photos (and images from other people that resonate with me) I notice some trends.

  • Monochrome images outnumber color images nearly 2 to 1.
  • Details, especially small ones which may often be overlooked by the masses, attract my eye.
  • Minimalist images affect me deeply, almost regardless of the subject matter in the photo.
  • Long exposures are especially attractive.
  • Abstract images are among the most interesting to me.
  • Great images, without an emotional aspect, become mediocre at best.
  • The color images I like tend to be at one extreme or the other of the color temperature spectrum. I like cool blues and warm golds. But photos with middle-of-the-road, realistic every day colors don't do much for me.
I think I should discuss each of these trends independently. To put them all in one post would be too much - maybe not for a reader, but for me as a writer. Tomorrow (probably) I'll discuss my thoughts on the first trend and how I think that applies to my life.
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