Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Imitating Art

I recently read several books by +David duChemin. In one of them he talks about intentionality within the frame. As photographers we have the ability and responsibility to be intentional about what we include in a photograph. For example, that "car" in the background, which is distracting from the subject ... why did I include that in the frame?

Many people would answer, "It's in the picture because it was there."

But we have lots of options, as photographers and post-processors.
1. I could move, reframing the photograph, eliminating the distracting object.
2. I could crop the photo to eliminate the distracting object.
3. I could clone out the car.

The point is, everything in my photograph should be there on purpose. Nothing should be there "just because it's there."

I realized, while sitting in a Boise Camera Club meeting, this advice is exactly the way I've been living my life the last several years. When I started simplifying I was in effect asking, "Why is this object included in the frame of my house." Later I started asking, "Why is this activity included in the frame of my life?"

My photography is following the path of my life. I've been looking at my images, being very conscious about what I include in the frame. I've been focusing on finding the important subject in each image, eliminating the distractions, those elements that draw my attention away from the important. But until now, I hadn't connected this photographic path with my journey to simplify my life.

I find this interesting, intriguing, and worthy of much more thought and reflection.
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