Thursday, November 1, 2012

miss e.

I rarely take portraits, and the ones I do take are informal. They are more often candids that turn out looking like portraits. But I have some very attractive friends. Their photogenic faces help me take good images.

Here I tried to deemphasize everything except her smile. And that smile is in her eyes and mouth. Therefore, they are the focus of the picture.

The curve of her smile rhymes with other lines in the image: the line of her collar, the line of her chin, her lips, her nose and the bottom of her eyes all mirror the line of a smile. Then going further up, the top of her eyes, the eyebrows and the hairline (even though most is implied) turn that smiling line into an arch.

Lastly, I like that her expression is so natural. Her smile is comfortable and relaxed, and shows a fun part of her personality.
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