Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Part 9 of 9: the shore

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Part 7: el perro triste
Part 8: motion sick

Some of my favorite images from other photographers are the minimalist photos, especially the long exposure images of water. The longer the exposure, the softer the water looks. I was trying for that look here, but the lake was too still to create the fog-like look on the surface. Still, I think this creates the emotion that I envisioned. When I look at this, I feel the solitude of the location - not loneliness, but solitude, which for me is a necessary part of life. The location has depth and silence, also important parts of my life.

I like how the foreground is sharp and rough, and contrasted by the softness of the rest of the scene. The foreground takes up most of the image, emphasizing the personal story. The most important parts of life are right in front of me. Yes, there's something across the lake, and I might get there someday, but for now all I have access to is this shore.

The horizontal lines in the tight frame create an interesting contrast. Vast landscapes like this are often cropped as panoramics. But this image is constrained by a 4x5 crop. There might be some interesting features out of frame, but all I can see is what's right in front of me, which means I (the photographer) think the ground in front of me is the only important feature.

Lastly, I like the minimalism of this image that happens despite the crowded foreground. Because there are so many rocks and pebbles, they become lost in a visual white noise. The focus is moved to the tonal changes, emphasizing those changes from light, to medium tones in the rocks, to the dark shoreline, the light water, the dark line on the far shore and the bright sky. It all feels balanced to me.


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