Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Part 8: motion sick

Part 1: the wall
Part 2: sounds of silence
Part 3: canyon at sunset
Part 4: Untitled #37
Part 5: somber
Part 6: open doors
Part 7: el perro triste

The train seems stationary, but the ground in front if moving - that seems backward. Why is the sage brush blurry?

While I often like to break the rules, I like the aspects of this image that follow the principles of good photography. The train is placed on the top line of thirds, creating emphasis on the motion in the bottom third of the frame. The frame is also divided into horizontal thirds, although that might not be immediately recognizable. The four white rail cars make up the middle third. They are balanced by green cars on the right, and the red/yellow cars on the left. However the balance is shifted slightly toward the right edge, indicating motion, as if the train is moving right to left, even if we can't see it's motion.

I think it's interesting that there are only two power poles in the upper thirds, and that they almost line up with the division of thirds. The thirds are also emphasized in the color variations. The bottom third is quite drab, browns and muted greens. The middle third has more bright greens and yellows, on both sides of the train. The top third comes back to muted brown tones and a sliver of sky, leaving the emphasis on that middle third.

One other fun aspect for me - the green triangle in the upper right corner. Remember, I like triangles and the position of this one adds to the motion for me. Because the point is left on the shape, I know that in just a quick moment that dark green will be gone.

This image is comfortable because we've all seen this scene: Driving down the highway, rolling hills, ground quickly moving past. For me, the emotion of this image is comfortable excitement. I remember being on family vacations, watching all the new unfamiliar land whiz past. It's all different, but it's all the same. I remember sitting in the family station wagon (yes, we had a station wagon, but not with the fake wood sides). We played fun games - like alphabet signs. I couldn't wait for the green Quaker State Motor Oil sign. That one sign would often help someone win the game. "Q, R, S, T, U!!!"


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