Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Part 6: open doors

Part 1: the wall
Part 2: sounds of silence
Part 3: canyon at sunset
Part 4: Untitled #37
Part 5: somber

While "somber" was intentionally accidental, this one was unintentionally accidental. Back in the days of film, when I was shooting a Pentax K1000, I'd load the film, shut the back, wind, click, wind, click, wind, click, to make sure the film was ready to start taking real photographs. With this photo, I must have advanced the film one frame further than I needed to, so I found this when I developed the negative.

I think its a strong image, despite all the untidy elements. The white line, starting in the lower left corner and moving across and up the image, creates an energy, a path that's easy to follow.

Tones seem like they should progress from light to dark, with the medium tones in the middle, like a graduated filter. I guess that's probably the sequential part of my personality. I like order. But this picture has a triangle of medium tones on the bottom (and I love triangular shapes), then the brightest tones in the middle, and the darkest tones in the upper left corner.

When I see this, I ask questions (even though as the photographer I know the answers).
What's up with the seat belt? Why is it just laying on the seat?
When was the last time you cleaned your car? Is that gravel inside the same gravel that's on the ground?
Why is it so blurry? Don't you know how to focus your camera?
What were you trying to take a picture of anyway? There's nothing there.
Why is the door open?

I come away with the beginning of a story in my mind.

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