Saturday, October 27, 2012

Part 2 of 9: sounds of silence

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Wind chimes, when done wrong can be annoying, nothing more than clanging noise makers. When done right, they create melodious music. But what about a wind chime that makes no noise?

See what happened there? The images asks us, the viewer, to wonder what's happening - to ask, "What the heck is this? You can't have a wind chime with just one chime. And why would take a picture of this?" From the first glance, this image presents a contrast: a silent noise maker. But there are other contrasting elements.

  • The vertical line of the chime and the diagonal line above it.
  • The light tones of the sky and the dark black in the upper corner.
  • The triangle of the black and the circle of the chime holder.

So where is the emotion in this image? I think its created mostly by the literal nature of the single chime. It's lonely. Chimes are always made up of multiple tone-makers. But this poor chime is all alone. There's no knocker, no wind catcher, no other tubes of potential, no partners in purpose. Even for an inanimate object, that's sad.

And yet, there's still beauty in the object and image. Despite the fact that it's alone, it's still a wind chime, and wind chimes are beautiful. The potential for melodious music is there. It may be untapped, but it's there. Plus, look at that gorgeous blue sky. It must be summer: birds chirping, children playing and laughing, lawn mowers and trimmers humming. Sound, everywhere ... surrounding this silent chime.

There is innate beauty, even in a silent wind chime.

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