Monday, August 27, 2012

Monochrome: Sunset

As part of my photographic plan for the year, I'm working through the photographic classes of the Western Idaho Fair. This is my attempt to photograph a monochrome sunset. It might sound easy: photograph a sunset, process it B&W. But the real question is: How do I capture the essence of a sunset without the amazing colors of sunset?

I like this because it has a definite foreground (the soft, wavy water), middle ground (the stark strip of lands),  main subject (the setting sun), and background (the fading gray sky). The tonal range may not exactly capture the broad spectrum of a color sunset, but I think the various shades in this photo imply how varied the colors are. I also like the composition, with the dark strip along the bottom third. Although the water probably has more interest because of the texture, I prefer giving the sky more attention. I also like that the sun is not on a thirds axis, but offset on the right edge. I think it adds energy - the sun is moving out of the frame. It feels dynamic and serene to me.
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