Saturday, July 7, 2012

Seems Like a Never-ending Process

A couple of weeks ago, we took some family photos into a scanning service. We (meaning mostly mom and dad), have some really old family photos we want to protect. Obviously having the original is best, but if we ever lost the originals - that would be devastating. They're irreplaceable. Now, we have digital copies of the photos: a disk, a set on mom's computer, a set on my laptop, and I'll make a backup on my external hard drive. Add to these the photos that I scanned, mostly slides and some poloroids, there are 1239 photos total.

Twelve hundred thirty-nine photographs to rename (by date so I can sort)
Twelve hundred thirty-nine photographs to label with keywords (people, places, etc.)
Twelve hundred thirty-nine photographs to crop and straighten

If that sounds like a lot of work, you're underestimating how much work. Many (most) of the photos don't have a date written on them, which means I either have to ask mom, or guess, or ask her to guess, or ask dad to guess. But when I'm done renaming, I think it will make the catalog much cleaner. Many of the photos have people in them I don't recognize, or places I don't recognize, so I won't worry about those keywords. But I want to make sure I have accurate family labels.

Some of the photos I'll probably work on doing some processing in Lightroom 4: adjustments to color, contrast, etc. I'm considering converting all the b&w images to b&w in LR4, which will make them look more consistent.

In the end, I think this will be a great family treasure, and worth all the work.
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