Saturday, June 16, 2012

I don't know ...

I recently attended the 8th grade graduation at Wendell Middle School (where I used to be the school counselor). Before the ceremony one of the mom's said to me, "I enjoy reading your blog." My first thought was, "Well thank you." My second thought, "You read my blog?" My third thought, "How does she even know I have a blog?"

From there I went through a progression of thought I've been through before. I'm always surprised when I find out that someone reads my blog. Yes, I know it's public. It's not like I'm trying to hide it. But somehow, in my mind, I'm convinced that the only people who read it are my parents, or people who stumble on it by accident. There are some searches on google that result in a link to this blog - some of them are really weird.

Google keeps statistics on page visits, and just reading those tells me my parents aren't the only ones reading.
Here's some interesting information, at least to me. Over the last week

49 page views, including from the US, China, Russia, Germany, Colombia, Egypt, India, Chile, UK, and Hong Kong. (How do these people get here?)

The keywords which lead to my blog include:
Christopher McNaught (makes sense, although I haven't used Christopher ever)
Boulevard Nights (I'm not sure what that has to do with me)
Bruises caused by falling into a ladder (hilarious!!)

My mom told me, "I wish you updated your blog more often." Sometimes I have something to say, most of the time I either don't have anything to say, or don't consider what I do have to say worth being said (that's an awkward sentence).

So to those of you who visit here regularly and read my words and thoughts - Thank you.

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