Thursday, May 17, 2012

Closer ,,, closer ...

Having just finished my latest edit/review of my book, it's starting to feel like an actual product. It certainly needs some editing. Even as I read there are times I think, "Why is that here? There's no connection with the previous paragraph." But at least it's getting closer.

I've discovered during this process that while I like to write on the computer, I like to edit on paper. There's something satisfying about using a red pen, marking up the paper, crossing things out, using that little symbol ^ to indicate I want to add something.

My plan is to let a few select people read the draft so they can offer feedback. I want to know if it's making sense, or if it only makes sense to me. I want to know if there are questions I haven't answered, or things I haven't adequately explained. Once I get that feedback, I'll make some final changes, then "publish" one copy just for me. I want one copy that's my book, the way I want it.

Then, I'll look for an actual editor and let them do whatever they think is necessary. Once it's been professionally edited, and the appropriate changes made, it'll be time to publish for real. And by publish, I mean let my friends know they can download an e-copy, or order a hard copy (probably paper back). I expect it will only be people I know who will even want to read it, so I'm not going to look for ways to reach a larger audience. I'm really just writing this for myself. If other people are interested - that'll be really fun.
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