Thursday, April 12, 2012

Finally, an interesting trip

Tuesday I headed down to Salt Lake City, stopping in Wendell for a visit with my "family" of 800+ kids and adults in the schools. Every time I go there, my ego is built up a little. Just being around so much love lifts my spirit, energizes me, and helps me be more positive about life.

It's not all roses though; I miss being there, every day. And seeing all those wonderful people, getting hundreds of hugs, seeing those smiling faces -- reminds me how much I miss being there. But my life has a new direction, often dictated by my health.

After leaving Wendell, I headed down I-84. As I turned south onto I-15, I saw a man on the opposite side of the freeway, running toward Utah, pushing a stroller (one of those three-wheeled strollers that runners use to push their kids). I thought, "Where is he going? There's nothing out here?"

That question would be answered about 24 hours later.

In SLC, I met with Dr. Smith, the ENT and voice specialist whom I've been seeing for almost a year. My expectation was he would look down my throat and tell me there hasn't been any change. I was wrong, and happily so. Showing me the pictures, and pointing out the vocal chords, he explained how much better they look. Even to my non-medical eye, it was clear that the inflammation was gone, and that my vocal chords look normal. He also showed me part of the video he took, explaining what was happening when I try to talk. Because I've been hoarse for so long, my false vocal chords have learned to do what my true vocal folds have been unable to do. At some point I may have to relearn how to talk without using the false folds, but as long as I can make sound, I'm pretty happy.

On the return trip, I passed that guy whom I'd seen running the day before. He was about 33 miles farther south. I drove right by him, thinking, "I should've stopped to find out who that was." After a few moments hesitation, I realized it would be stupid of me to pass by without stopping to talk to him. So I found a place to turn around, drove back past him (he was on the east bound side of I-15), turned around again, and stopped to wait for him.

His name is Björn Suneson. You've probably never heard of him, but you should. Björn is from Sweden. He is here in the US to run from Seaside, Oregon to Ocean Grove, New Jersey, in 100 days. That's 3250 miles, which means he's running 1.3 marathons per day, for 100 days in a row!!!!

There have been other people run coast to coast; this is Björn's third trip. But the other runners have accomplished the feat with support vehicles. Björn is out there by himself. No support other than the kindness of strangers.

He has a blog. I told him that I would be posting links to his blog on all my social media sites. Please visit his blog and leave some encouraging words. He is doing something amazing, and people should know about it.

Bjorn Suneson - Keep On Running
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