Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Productive Day ... Doesn't Happen Very Often

It was a good day today. I got a lot done, much more than I had planned. First, I got my taxes done, which was really simple this year since I don't have a job and don't own a house anymore.

Then, mom's van wouldn't start this morning. It seemed to have a dead battery, which was concerning for mom and dad because they just put in a new battery less than a month ago. Dad and I pushed the van out of the garage so we could jump start it. Unfortunately, the jump didn't work, so dad called a tow truck. I helped by taking a picture.

While waiting for the tow truck, I was of course checking facebook, and at just the right time. Moments after I logged in, The Idaho Press Tribune posted this:

Your chance to win two tickets to Manhattan Transfer at 7 p.m. Sunday at the Morrison Center. You don'nt need to give us an email address or phone, simply email me at the Press Tribune and tell me why you'd like to see this dynamic vocal quartet that is celebrating 40 years of harmonizing together.

I sent an e-mail telling them I wanted the tickets for my parents, and very quickly got a response: Chris, your parents are going to see The Manhattan Transfer.

How exciting is that?

Lastly, on the way home from picking up the tickets, I stopped at a stoplight, behind this guy:

Datsuns haven't been around since the mid-70s, so of course I had to take a picture.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Boulevard Nights

Driving down 12th Avenue, northbound, Nampa, Idaho.

Blind Alley

The view outside my backdoor is ... urban.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Photo 2 of 2

I like details, and I often overlook the big picture because I'm so focused on the small details. That saying, "Can't see the forest for the trees," was probably written for me. But it only seems to apply to my photographic choices.

In my professional life, I'm more of a big picture person, often losing track of the important details, and thankful that there are detail oriented people in the world willing to cover my mistakes. These two seemingly mutually exclusive traits make me wonder how they both fit into my personality.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Project ???

Search Project 365 and you'll find hundreds of results: people, photographs, blogs, etc. These people take a photograph each day for a year, posting the results as they go along. When I see these sites, I think, "I should do a Project 365." But then that seems like a huge commitment, and I'm not sure I want to start something like that, knowing that I probably won't make it.

Other people do Project 30, taking a photograph a day for a month. Can I make it through a month? I don't know. I guess I could do a Project 7.

So I've decided to do a Project ???. I'm going to take a photograph every day, until I stop taking photographs. For now, here's Photograph for Day 1, of 1.

In my parent's house, there's a glass jar full of red hots. When I visit, I take 2 or 3, pop them in my mouth, and savor the cinnamon flavor. When the jar gets empty, I refill it. Taking only a couple at a time, it takes months to empty it. I filled it today.

mmmmmmm red mmmmmmm cinnimony mmmmmmmmmmmm

Sunday, January 15, 2012

8 Life Lessons I Have Learned from Photography

(Thanks Dave Powell for the idea)

  1. View life from a high vantage point. When we can see the big picture of life the small, momentary problems become much less important.
  2. Keep your eyes open everywhere you go. You never know what amazing event you stumble on.
  3. Pay attention to details. Although it’s good to understand and appreciate the big picture, the beauty of life is in the details. Practice by giving flowers.
  4. Look around. You may have heard the saying, “Take time to stop and smell the roses.” Too often we are in such a rush to get someplace, we miss all the wonderful things along the way. Stop, take a moment to look around, and think about Rule #3.
  5. Get up early. Sometimes the best times of life aren’t the most convenient. But a willingness to go the extra mile for your passions can memorable results.
  6. Experiment and try new things. Life was never meant to be boring, and if you’re bored, go challenge yourself. Try something you’ve never tried before.
  7. Always be ready. Opportunities are everywhere for the person who keeps their eyes open and their heart willing.
  8. Be patient. So many people are in a hurry, wanting things - everything - right now. It’s okay to wait.