Wednesday, October 5, 2011

♫ The Long and Winding Road ♪

Monday I had an appointment with my ENT doctor in Salt Lake City. Not much new - he gave me a stronger prescription for acid reflux, and another round of antibiotics. I'll call him in six weeks with any progress, and we'll discuss what to do from then.

Normally I take I-84 - it's about a 6 hour trip. On the way down I stopped for lunch with the Nebeker family and had such a good time. This trip, instead of coming back the same way, I decided to go through Nevada. After my appointment I headed west on I-80 with a plan to spend the night in Elko and finish the trip home on Tuesday. I came this way so I could stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a place I've never visited before. Before I got there, I passed by The Tree of Utah.

My next stop was the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Had I come through 2 days later, it would have been much more exciting. The World Finals are being held there this week. I talked with one of the owner/drivers about his car. He's made some modifications from last year (bigger engine) and he's hoping to hit 220mph this week ... so so fast.

After some good picture taking time, it was time to hit the road again. If you haven't been on I-80 west of SLC, let me tell you the scenery is beautiful, the radio station choices are minimal. I hate listening to static or country music, so I turned off the radio, leaving me alone with my thoughts. Being alone with my thoughts is a good thing and a bad thing. On the one hand I get a lot done when I have time to think. On the other hand, I tend to get lost in my thoughts, and sometimes don't pay attention to things which I should be paying attention.

Don't misunderstand, I pay attention to the important things: I stay in my lane, I follow the speed limit, and I'm still a safe driver. After leaving Wendover, I was thinking about changing my original plan of staying in Elko then driving home. I was considering staying in Wells, then heading north so I could go back through Wendell and visit the schools.

For whatever reason, when I got to Wells I decided to keep driving. I'm not sure when I decided for sure to come all the way home, but it was somewhere in Nevada. One night away was enough for me. Remember that I tend to get lost in my thoughts when the radio is off. I should have turned north in Elko on Highway 225. Lost in my thoughts, I drove straight through, staying on I-80. I didn't realize my mistake until I was in Winnemucca. Had I headed north from Elko, it would have taken me about 4 hours to get home. From Winnemucca, it's about 4 hours to Nampa. The two hours between Elko and Winnemucca was just wasted time.

So I filled up in Winnemucca: fuel, pop (which I haven't had in a very long time), and candy (which I've been staying away from so I can lose weight). I figured with all that sugar and caffeine I'd be able to stay awake. I finally pulled into my driveway about 12:30, so tired.

Maybe someday I'll make that trip from Winnemucca to Nampa in the daylight so I can see where I was driving.
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