Thursday, September 29, 2011

Four Random Stories

#1 About a month ago I was at Roaring Springs with my friends the Gallagher family. While floating around the lazy river (Officially named the Endless River), I scraped my knee on the side. It was a small wound, but since I'm on blood thinners, it took a long time to heal. This week, it was finally looking mostly healed: nice pink skin, no scab left.

Getting out of the truck, I bumped my knee on something, breaking the skin. Guess where. Yes, in the exact same spot.

The last two days I've walked to the Rec Center for my morning workout. On the way back, both days, I was nearly close to almost maybe being run over by large trucks.

#2 Yesterday, as I reached the exit driveway of McDonalds, I noticed a truck getting ready to exit. So I stopped before walking in to the driveway. The driver of the truck looked left - in my direction - looked right, looked left again, then started to pull into traffic. Taking one last look to the left, he saw me, finally. He slammed on the brakes with a startled look on his face. I'm guessing he thought I appeared out of nowhere. He apologized, I let him go, then walked behind him.

#3 This morning, as I reached the exit driveway of McDonalds, there was another truck, but it was farther back. So I started walking across the driveway while keeping an eye on the truck. The driver, who was talking on his cell phone and digging into his breakfast, looked left - in my direction - looked right, looked left again, never slowing down. Keep in mind I was standing right in front of him. When he finally noticed me, the truck was about two feet from my leg. After stopping, he looked at me like I was in the wrong. How dare I walk on the sidewalk right in front of him! He didn't apologize. I guess his phone conversation was too important to interrupt for the sake of politeness.

#4 This evening as I was walking out of a sporting goods store, a young man (probably 13 or 14) was riding his brand new bike out of the store, with his mother following him. He was so excited and mom looked so proud. Twenty feet into the parking lot, I looked away, heading toward my truck. Hearing a crash-like sound, I turned around to see that junior had wrecked in the parking lot. The brand-newness of his bike lasted a whole 30 seconds! I have no idea how he did it, but it took all my willpower to not laugh out loud. Instead of testing my resolve further, I got into my truck and drove away. I didn't stick around to see the aftermath of bicycle-teenager-pavement interaction.
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