Monday, August 8, 2011

So Embarrassing

The key to making something less embarrassing is sharing it - at least that's my opinion.

Story #1: As you may know, I have eliminated many of my belongings; I don't own very many things. Among my possessions is 2 hot pads. They're old and ratty, and mismatched, but I like them. So the other day, I lost them. For several hours I searched everywhere: I looked in all the drawers, the cupboards, the washer, the dryer, the laundry basket, the dresser (thinking maybe they got mixed with the socks and unders). They were nowhere to be found. How could I possibly lose 2 hot pads?

A while later, my nephew comes over to talk. While we're talking, I'm cleaning the kitchen. All the dishes are washed and put away, with only one thing left - the cutting board. I pick up the board and move it to the sink. Guess what was under the cutting board? Two hot pads.

Story #2: For nearly 6 years in Twin Falls, I would reach up the visor of my truck to press the automatic garage door opener button as I was backing in the driveway. For years before that, I followed the same pattern at my house in Nampa. So the habit is highly ingrained.

I've now lived in Nampa (again) since December of last year, about 8 months. I park in a car port, with no garage door and no garage door opener. Today, as I backed into the car port, I reached up to the visor to press the button; it wasn't there. Even though no one saw, I was still embarrassed.

Story #3: My friends, the Sauer's invited me over for dinner August 6th (Saturday, and Lilly's 4th birthday, by the way). Having never been to their house, I got on google maps and found the directions and copied them onto a piece of paper. To make sure I remembered to bring them, I put the directions on the counter next to the door. I knew I needed to leave about 5:15 to get there on time.

Rushing around in the afternoon, cleaning the kitchen, straightening my desk, etc., I noticed the directions. I looked at my watch and thought, "I've got to leave now if I'm going to make it on time." The printed directions helped me get right to their house, right on time. I went to the door, rang the bell, and no body answered. I waited for a bit, rang the bell again - still no answer. Looking in the front window (not in a creepy way though), it looked almost like nobody was home. So I texted Misty, "I'm here at your house. Is anybody home?" No answer to my text.

As I walked back to my car to wait for a bit, I had the thought, "I don't think today is August 6." It wasn't. I had arrived at the Sauer's 24 hours early. Have you ever sent a text and wished you could take it back? I sat in my truck thinking, "There has got to be a way to unsend that text to Misty!" Sadly, no.

I sent a second text reading: Never mind Misty. I'm a day early. The Sauer's were very kind and didn't make fun of my faux pas.

Now that I've shared my embarrassing stories, you can share the humor with me.
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