Friday, July 1, 2011

What is this journey?

The Moors of North Africa have a saying: Choose your companions before you choose your road.

When I was in Wendell, I definitely had an incredible group of companions. The staff, administration, parents, church friends - and even students - were companions beyond compare.
With these people, the road was not so important.
With these companions, every road would be enjoyable, successful, and satisfying.
When I was in Wendell, I chose the best possible companions.

Switch thoughts for a moment.

A friend asked me how my book was coming. I told her that although I'd still like to write one, and I've written small parts here and there, I just can't find the focus; I can't seem to find a way to pull it all together. I want to write a book about contentment and simplicity.

She wondered if my difficulty is related to being in Nampa physically, yet still feeling so connected to Wendell. Mentally, emotionally, I might still be there. This division of focus and attention creates complexity rather than simplicity.

This division creates so many questions in me.

How do I focus on my current journey or my future journey when I don't have any idea what that is?
Am I supposed to forget Wendell?
How do I remain connected to the important relationships I've built in Wendell?
Where am I supposed to place my focus and attention?

I have to trust that God knows what the plan is.
I have to trust that God is direction my path, even when I can't see any indication that a path exists.

Some days that trust is much easier said than done.
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