Saturday, April 2, 2011

Medication Side Effect?

I can only assume it's because of the meds I'm on: my taste buds have changed, remarkably. Meat no longer tastes good - beef, chicken, turkey. Pepperoni pizza seems to still be good, which could be because the meat is in smaller amounts. But hamburgers, chicken breast, turkey sandwich, they all just taste horrible.

For a while I thought it was just meat. Other foods seem to be fine. This last week, on the way home from my visit to Wendell, I bought a bag of rye chips, the kind that are in Gardetto's, which is one of my favorite junk food snacks. I love the rye chips. Between the flavor and crunch, I figured they'd keep me awake on the drive home. Turns out my taste buds don't like those either. It's not that they tasted bad - there was just no taste. It was like eating crunchy cardboard. They smelled great, but had no taste.

I'm sure there's nothing I can do, other than quit taking all the meds I'm on, which is obviously not an option. My other choice is to find foods that taste okay. Maybe I'm becoming a vegetarian by default.

It also seems to have affected my tolerance for spice. Even mild salsa now makes me sweat like it's made from super hot peppers. I had a piece of Costco pepperoni pizza the other day - sweating like I had run a marathon.

Actually, if hot has that affect, maybe I should eat more hot stuff. I could do that instead of exercising.
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